Friday, July 11, 2008

Nothing Much going on...

Hello everyone! I havent been on here the las t few days because there has not been much going on. We are still waiting to hear from HSBC. Bj is suppose to hear by the end of the day. Bj says He is ok weither or not he gets the job, and oddly enough I fel the same way. The Lord knows what we are going through and knows what is best for us. We wouldnt want to get stuck at a job that would be awful for Bj. So we wait. I dont start work until the 21st and I cant wait to start again! I miss it so much. We are at the Greenbrier mall right now. Im sitting next to the little kids play area.... its nothing compares to PV malls. lol! We did go to the beach yesterday and play football inthe ocean. That was pretty fun! The water was great and it was over cast. In sunburned my face and Bj burned his back. Well... I dont want to bore you all to death so fro now I will say adios and write some more when I have something fun to say!
P.S. We are working on something really cool for the blog! Cant wait to show it to you all!


Jennifer said...

Excited to say I FINALLY FOUND YOUR BLOG!!!!
Glad to see that things are moving along for you. Will pray for God's leading and guiding.
When does school begin for you BJ?