Saturday, September 27, 2008

Two Whole Months!

Wow! The time got away fro me! i cant believe that it has been two months since I posted any tihng! Bj and I are here and settled!! We bought three couches and an ottoman for the apartment. The little couch, love seat, and ottoman are the ones we have in the living room right now... The big couch is living in the trailor... We are going to try and sell it but have not had time to work on that. The apartment is all put together and I really love it. The office is a little cluttered but Its better than what it was! Let's see... bj is working at Sam's Club in the meat department as a meat wrapper. He doesnt really enjoy it but it is a job and it helps! I got a promotion at work and am now a shift supervisor! I get keys and everything!!! I have been doing a lot of closes at work... its really the easiest shift as a supervisor... so my manager has given me a lot of them, plus it reawlly works best with Bj's work schedule! Bj's in the midst of school and really liking it. He stayed up all night thursday night because he had a paper due... I cant really think of any thing new... this last week had beautiful weather! It was cool and windy all week and then on thursday it rained all day! Then yesterday and today get rewally hot and muggy again. They say its suppose the rain again this weekend but we will see... looks like clear skies to me outside! The Lord has been really good to us these last few month! He has provided in ways that were not expected and he has shown us great love and kindness! Thanks for all your prayers! See you in a few weeks!! I will add pictures when bj gets home and can show me how! HEHEHE