Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hey all!

Im sitting at Starbucks and I remembered that I have not blogged any thing in a really long time! Well since last time, Bj got a job and We got an apartment!!! We move in tommorow! I have not taken any pictures yet but we will tommorow and I will out them on! I cant wait! It is a two bedroom and its about 900 square feet! It will fit us well for a long time! Im hoping not to have to move until we leave to come home. we will see. Well we have still jsut been trying to keep ourselves busy! Went to the beach again this week and managed to sunburn myself again.. and I even put sun screen on! But its better now. We went to the Virginia Beach Aquarium this week too. It was really not worht the 23 dollars we paid to see it all but oh well now we know. We forgot to bring the camera with us... oops! The turtles were really cool though they were really big and beautiful and we touched the sting rays.

We have really enjoyed hanging out with the Olson's. They are a really neat couple and they take awsome care of their guests! Im a little sad to leave their house! We have been fed well!


Jennifer said...

congratulations on both the job and finding an apartment. I'm sure you'll be glad to have your own space again. I used to love blueberry picking when I was a little girl in Minnesota. Enjoy doing all the things you can't do here---like enjoying the beach!
Jennifer Smiley