Monday, July 7, 2008

Exciting News...Well at least it has the potential to be...

Today started like the rest of our days here... we woke up, had breakfast with the Olson's, and then tried to think of things to do to keep us busy today. Then my BJ got a call from a man at HSBC' which is a company out here that a lot of the seminary students work at. Its a collection agency where you call and make people make their payments. Does not sound to exciting but it is a job. LOL!! So he did a phone interview and THEN they set up an interview for tommorow at 12 30! Prasie the LORD!!!!! And then I got a call from two managers out here saying that they are trying to finda store for me hear. I called my DM to see what was going on andhe said he talked to the DM out hear and I will have astore in the next few days!! This last week has really shown me how doubtful I can be! All the Lord asks me to do is trust Him... and He always pulls through! Well thats our news... pray for BJ tommorow at his interview!


Laura D said...

Congratulations! Hopefully things will work out and you will both get jobs soon!!

Michael said...

that is great honey. ok another grammar lesson, hear when you are speaking of a place is spelled here. Love you. I guess since you were home schooled I feel responsible! hahah

love you

p.s. sorry i blogged on michaels name

Seven's Heaven said...

Glad you said something Ginger or I would have!