Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It looks Ferocious!!

After My interviewe was over yesterday we decided to head to the beach. It is only about 10 minutes from my store!! Super sweet! It is the Sandbridge beach and it is not as crowded as the Virginia beach. We stopped at walmart and bought some dollar flip flops(we were still in interview clothes and had not thought to bring our swimming sutff...) we get out there and the sky starts looking very dark and the clouds are coming very quickly... we park and start walking down to the beach. We noticed that a lot of people were leaving and we asked the life guard(there were only three on duty for the ENTIRE beach!) if they were making people leave. He looked up at the clouds that were coming towrard us very quickly and said, " Yeah... It looks FEROCIOUS!!!" So that was our new word for the day!! We took a few picutres and then headed out, it rained on us all the way home!


Ginger said...

the pictures are beautiful. Reminds me a little of Oregon. You know the cloud and such. Can't wait to come and see it for myself.

love you

Seven's Heaven said...

Wow, great shots of a beautiful storm!